Nature in the Home - a series (week 12)...

Image by Lisbeth of Smilrynker
I love this image.  Blooms foraged from the garden, gently laid out on a pretty vintage plate.  It is so delicate and the colours are so vivid.

Lisbeth's blog is one of my very favourites and we have followed each others lives for many years now. She lives in Denmark in a uniquely decorated home, living a waldorf inspired gentle life with her gorgeous family.  She has such great taste and I LOVE her sense of style, her wardrobe is to die for!. In Denmark, Spring has just arrived after the snow, what a wonderful time that must be.  Pop over and see what I mean!

So - I gave a theme of Pink for this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how this has developed.  Pink is such a happy colour, it helps with depression you know?  So lay it on me... bring on the pink.

Next week - Green.... foliage and green flowers (hard one eh?!).
Good luck.