Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens...

Just half an hour drive south from the Barn, on the outskirts of Penzance lies the most beautiful Tremenheere Sculpture Garden.   We discovered a leaflet in the barn's 'what to do in the area' file, not realising at the time what a gem this place is.  Leaving the children with my parents, Dan and I set off on a daytime date.

The garden is set on a hillside overlooking St Michaels Mount.  From the Cafe terrace we ate delicious home made soup and cakes gazing at the shimmering sea below.  The Cafe was such a find.  Eames Eiffel chairs, striped floors, pops of pink and green.  A really welcoming sight for travel weary eyes.  With food to match it's stylish interior I found it hard to leave and walk up the hill to the garden behind.

The path led us through thick woodland, with a most tropical feel.  Bluebells carpeted the floor but above our heads towered large tree ferns, sort of anglo/australian woodland.  The babbling brook and the rustle of leaves, we knew we were discovering something quite special.  As we headed to the top of the hill, the wooded canopy gave way to spiky Agaves and grasses, and the occasional Sculpture. The views from the top stretched out to St Michaels Mount and beyond.

Dan and I feel nourished by the good food, and gorgeous gardens and returned to the family feeling refreshed and happy from our date.

For more information on Tremenheere Sculpture Garden please visit their website.


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