mid-summer flower hunting...

On a sultry summer's day, when a dear friend asks you if you'd like to escape the city, with the promise of adventure, well it is not something you should pass up.
A friend of Lottie's, after hearing her plea for Lilac's, invited her to cut the flowers in the garden of his family home, saying 'just go along and pick what you like' - well, with an offer like that, who were we to we to turn it down.  Armed with a scribbled note with directions, secateurs in hand, we drove off on a days adventure.

Hidden from the road, the gravel driveway led us to the most beautiful of homes.  Edwardian in style and covered with wisteria, it looked like an old rectory full with history and a secret garden.  Whilst Lottie's son ran around the grass, we snipped and dreamed of owning a house like this, how wonderful it would be for children to play.  White lilacs were found for a recipe that Lottie wanted to try, whilst I explored the many hidden areas of the grounds.  Through wooden gates to the vegetable patch, and then on to the orchard.  It really was a perfect morning.

Next up: lunch.


Hurry!  There is still chance to enter the Butterscotch & Beestings giveaway.  It closes tomorrow.

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