Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 14)

Image via Floor Number Four
Hi there!  Last weeks challenge was green.  I thought it was going to be a little tricky for you, green flowers?!  But again you have all risen to it and surpassed yourself.  It was soo hard to choose an image for the week as all entries were brilliant.

I loved how Natalie chose to show the beauty of fresh young leaves, Charmaine cheekily added cowparsely to her herbs (which is a greeny/white flower), what I adored was the greenest of all green flowers the Euphorbia, hats off to Sarah, Polly,& Claudia for their contribution.

So this week you had the challenge of hedgerow, apologies if this was a little vague, I was thinking on my feet and surrounded by gorgeous hedgerows on holiday it is what came to me at the time.  I hope you all managed to find something?

Next weeks challenge:  Your favourite plant

Have a wonderful week, see you next Wednesday!