Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 16)

image by Claire from Just a little less
Sorry I'm a little late (again) with today's post, but it was such a glorious day I felt I needed to be outside and  adventuring.  I will tell you all about it soon, it involved flowers and more flowers - perfect day!.

Last week's subject was 'favourite plant' and I really loved seeing roses, dandelions, grannies bonnets, and a spiky willy (yes you Annie, lowering the tone!).  My link up looks so pretty with all the different species that you dearly love.

I chose Claire's plant for my favourite of the week, because of the light and also because indoor plants don't necessary shine at this time of year as we are all focussing on our outside blooms.  Claire also tells us to try putting our indoor plants outside at this time of year.  Go see....

I am so looking forward to seeing how 'a gift' has been interpreted for this week - any birds eggs?  Feathers?  Gifts from Mother nature herself?

next week 'white'

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