Nature in the Home - a Series (Week 17)...

Image by Polly, Nice Kind of Blue
Look at those feathers, so fluffy and pretty, I love how Polly has displayed them.  Her 2 ducks decided to shed them, so instead of throwing them away, Polly took the opportunity as a sign 'A gift' from her Ducks.  How sweet?! Love this.

Your contribution to lasts week's theme 'A Gift' were really varied, a right assortment ... Daisies picked by  happy children for their Mummy,  Fresh hens eggs, Gifts for a milestone birthday (Happy Birthday!), bountiful vegetable harvest  - oh so natural and wonderful.  Thank you for joining me.

So last week I set the challenge of 'WHITE' - pure and dreamy, can't wait to see what you have.

This weeks theme (Jane I remembered!) is - 'red'

Good Luck!