Camp Bestival 2013, the boys best bits...

Last weekend we spent 4 gloriously sunshiney days at Camp Bestival.  It was an incredible experience, exhausting and mind blowing all at the same time.

A truly special event, designed for kids to play freely and for their parents to let off steam.  Oh yes, not just a festival for kids but entertainment for all.

The boys LOVED it.  Trying their hands at pottery, screenprinting, electronic circuitry, climbing, dancing, drawing, painting, stilt walking, juggling, hula hooping, origami, face painting, helter skeltering, horse back riding, fairy house making, eating festival food, making friends, seeing heros, and having 100% total fun.

They have come home having grown an extra inch or two and their whole personalities a little richer from experiencing all the wonder.

Camp Bestival is probably THE best family festival in the country, but do be prepared to have a week of adjusting back to 'real life' on your return home.

We had a total blast, and the best thing, sharing it with such great friends.

Next up... the best bits according to Dan and I. 

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