Camp Bestival 2013 - what we loved...

So I have finally 'adjusted' back into real life, nothing like 4 days of partying to leave a middle aged woman wiped out!  

Dan and I had a blast.  It was so wonderful being able to dance and play whilst the kids were safe and entertained.  Days were spent involved in the numerous activities laid on the for the kids.  Trying our own hands at being dare devils or developing our own circus skills.  Watching the boys faces fill with the awe of seeing Mr Tumble or shouting 'Bogies' at the top of our voices with Dick and Dom.  (something I shall never forget, Charlie roaring with laughter at the adults shouting obscenities all in the name of fun).

As the evening drew in, we would search out a place to eat, and were not disappointed with the quality and variety of food that was on offer.  One evening we were treated to a proper feast courtesy of the Surplus Supper Club.  A beautiful indian style marquee housed long benches, at which a 2 course meal was laid on.  All the food was surplus from Supermarkets - not out of date, but surplus to the needs of the store.  It came from distribution centre's where they no longer need it, and would have been thrown away.  We dined on roast lamb, with puy lentils and a beetroot salad, followed by poached pear, shortbread and chocolate sauce.  It was truly scrumptious and a lovely way to spend an evening.

As the sun set, we donned our dancing shoes, and re-discovered our love of grooving to disco, reggae and old school dance.  Rodigan  took over the decks at Wagamama and played the most beautiful set. Happy reggae that made everyone smile!

Before heading back to our tent late (for us) in the night, we would go and warm ourselves by the huge fire pit in the Soul Park.  There we discovered a Cowboy band singing cover versions of classics.  We would sit mesmerized by the fire, and feeling we were part of the wild west.

To me, the best bits of the festival are the small fringe acts.  Like the cowboy fire, Rodigan appearing in Wagamama's, the fairy houses in the Dingly Dell, the food in the farmers market.  Small little touches that make the festival so perfectly special.

Oh that, and discovering Posh Wash - showering every day!!!  Yep at a festival - I know!!

Thank you Camp Bestival for giving us such an amazing experience... we loved it.

We were gifted a family ticket to the festival by Camp Bestival - thank you!  Also we ate at the Surplus Supper Club too.  Thanks again!

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