Birthday boy...

So this was the scene yesterday morning. Rufus turned 6, dressed as a silvery?! Batman opening his presents.  One very happy boy. After school we had more presents and tea at a pizza restaurant. He said to me 'Does everyone know it's my birthday, am I famous?' - I suppose it does feel like that when you are 6 and everyone you know says Happy Birthday to you.

Tomorrow we are having 30 or so kids running wild in the woods.  Much like last year's Wild Woodland Rumpus.  But as superheroes this time.  I hope it will be as much fun as his last birthday.  Tonight I will be packing goodie bags and making sure we have frying pans for sausages and marshmallows for the fire.

So this weekend you will find me mostly...

* recreating this
* treating myself to this (I've been a mama to 2 boys for 6 years, I deserve it!)
* Going here - winter coat hunting
* thinking a lot about my next post for here
* making and eating this
* Inspired by this so hunting for some dahlias

Oh and I forgot to mention!  I will be contributing weekly to the Lionheart Magazine Blog whilst the Editor Hels Martin is on maternity leave.  My first post can be found here.  If you love inspiring women, beautiful plants and uber cool interiors - you will love it.

So what will you be up to this weekend?

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