Lunch date...


There are really good things about being freelance and having school aged kids.  One of those is being able to have lunch time dates with Dan.  

We started this Spring, when the weather became warmer.  Meeting in the park for a picnic, a simple salad or a baguette and cheese.  Enjoying the time to sit, chat, spend time together just the two of us, without the boys.  A midday date seems decadent.  Babysitters are not needed. We don't need a reason, not a birthday or a celebration which would need a night out.  But a simple lunch, just the two of us.

Today, the weather was glorious. We went to the artisan area of Bristol, Christmas Steps. Poked heads around some curious shops and eventually sat and ate tapas at The Urban Wood.  Just the ticket on an Autumn day.

We hope to keep our weekly 'dates'.. with Winter coming we are going to have to be a little inventive, picnics in the park might have to be well thought out.

Do you have a weekly date with your love?

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