Advent Calender 2013... a woodland forest...

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So here it is.  Our advent Calendar for this year.  Very different from last year.  Here's how I did it.


1.  Firstly I found lots of woodland images & one of Father Christmas on the internet.  Using photoshop, re-sized and made black and white.  Printed them out on thick paper.
2. Cut round them and stuck them to the white boxes using the mod podge.
3. Punched out gold stars for the front.
4. Added the number sticker to the boxes
5. Filled with goodies.

You will notice that not all 25 days are there.  I only have space for 8 boxes, so a week at a time will be available, re-using the boxes and changing the number on the box with a new sticker.


1. Stamped addressed envelopes to Father Christmas + chocolates
2. Chocolate Coins
3. Lego Mini Figures
4. Felt pens
5. Chocolate Coins
6. Stickers
7. Tea Lights - we are going on a lantern parade through the neighbourhood
8. A picture of a bicycle and a lego Santa - meeting the big man in Red via bike
9. Chrismas Cards to write to their friends at school
10. Chocolate Coins
12. Top Trumps game
13. Candy Canes for the tree
14. Lego tree - we are collection our Christmas tree
15. Tracing paper to make window snowflakes
16. Bauble for the tree
17. Popcorn to watch Polar Express
18. Lego Mini Figure
19. Tea Light for solstice lanterns
20.  Marshmallows - Hot Choc after school to celebrate end of term
21. Party Hat - Christmas Craft party with friends
22. Train tickets - off to see the Panto in Bath with Grandparents.
23. Candy Canes
24. Star and snowflakes cutters to make biscuits

I LOVE the results - and so do the boys!  Bouncing off the walls they can't wait for tomorrow.

Did you make one?  Have you an heirloom passed down through the family, or did you buy one?  I'd love to see.  How about linking up below, so we can all hop around and see.

Love it if you join me.

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