Hello November...

October flew by!  One minute super excited about pumpkins and the change to autumn and whoosh!  It's gone just like that - for another year.

November on the other hand to me is moody.  Bubbly, grown up.  I always think of opulent colours when it comes to November.  Rich velvety blues, team with glittery gold, magentas and oranges.  Like fireworks lighting up the sky.

This November I / we shall be...

* Celebrating Guy Fawkes and Divali at our local church - fireworks, bonfire and lots of family fun.
* Gathering wood for the wood store - we have been going to the same farm every year, can't wait to re-visit.
* Watching the National Theatre production of Frankenstein
* Cocktails with these beauties
* Day tripping to London with this dude.  Off to see a pre-view of a Spring/Summer Collection - exciting!
* Having Sunday lunch with my lovely friends and their kids
* Helping out the school disco - help!
* Making a Mr Strong outfit for Mr Men day at school
* Bringing in greenery, rosehips, herbs, twigs for Nature in the Home
* Finding the Christmas decoration box, going through it, deciding if I need anything new (I always do!)
* Start buying presents - look out for the Littlegreenshed Christmas Gift guides coming shortly
* Start / Finish some knitting projects

I've written a little post over on the Lionheart Magazine blog, all about November and how we should claim it as our own.  Go see.

More November inspiration over on pinterest...

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Have a wonderful November....