A portrait of my children  once a week, every week, in 2013  

Charlie:  Busy making Fimo spaceships - he's like his mum, a perfectionist - so very eggy here!

Rufus: Also making Fimo, but dinosaurs.  He just dives straight, never daunted by the process.

So that is it. 52 portraits = 104 total of my kids for this year. Some weeks it has been a breeze, particularly during the summer months.  Outside, adventuring.  The Winter months will always be a troublesome time for a photographer, battling with dark grey skies and being cooped up indoors.  But I am sure I shall find new and exciting ways to deal with this in the New Year.

I've decided to print out the best of the 52 in a little photo book, one for each boy.  Using Artifact Uprising.  A great way to have a snap shot of their lives to flick through in years to come.  Something that the boys can pick up and read themselves, a memory of a fantastic year.