Childrens tablets - a review...

Leappad Ultra
As a family we had made the decision early on that computers and games consoles would not be a part of our children's lives until they were of a certain age. I didn't want my kids to become plugged in and zoned out.

But once we read a little on the benefits educationally that some tablets can have we started to have a re-think.  We kindly sentby Argos the popular kids tablets to try out.  The Leappad Ultra and the Vtech Innotab 3s.  Both brand new and high spec.  With millions of apps to choose from, all been carefully selected by a board of educationers and with the child's development in mind.  No big shoot em up games here (which is what we were worried about).  The LeapPad Ultra in Green is available from Argos here.

Innotab 3s
Before giving to the boys we chose specific apps which we felt suited their learning ability.  A mix of reading, history, maths and of course good old platform style gaming.  Learning without knowing they are!  Apps are easily sourced and downloaded by parents on both Leapfrog and Vtech websites.  Some are free and others can be a much as £15 per app.  Pricey, but I think those ones are probably worth it, with a lot of content to keep them coming back for more.  The VTech InnoTab 3S available at Argos online here.

The boys, squealed with absolute delight when opening the toys.  Christmas certainly came early.  Both agreed to playing with our rules.  Not to nag for the toys.  Only to play after homework and reading has been done. And to give the toys up after the allotted time.  So far so good.

We have noticed an improvement in Charlie's reading.  And the fact they can both go off and have a little escapism from each other is a bonus too.  If you, like we were, are a little cautious at getting a tablet or games console for your kids, then the LeapPad or Innotab are the way to go - a great introduction to computers.

Written in association with Argos.  Argos kindly sent us these products to review.