Nature in the Home - Christmas week 3...

Week three!  Only one week til Christmas - eeeek!  Not at all ready.  My home looks so not ready, like its dressed in it's undies or something (half done)?!  But I will get there, in the end.

Last Sunday I organised a little gathering with some lovely bloggy friends to pop up to Bristol for a little pre-Christmas meet-up and to make something on the lines of Nature in the Home.  It was so much fun!  A few hours in the company of such inspiring and quite utterly brilliant women, it was good for the soul.

I'd arranged for us to have a little tutorial with a local florist Xanthe from Ivory Flowers, but at the last minute she got a sickness bug.  So I quickly grabbed the supplies and de-camped to Lotties beautiful home. We all chatted away, drinking cups of tea and wired in moss and greenery to our copper circle templates.  All eagerly eyeing up the billy buttons and crab apples.

What I love is. We were all given a blank template, with the same supplies to choose from. And each of our wreaths are totally unique to us.  Perhaps showing just a little of our personalities as well.

Thank you Xanthe and Lottie for helping me to make Sunday so blooming cool.  Loved it!

You can see the other wreaths and bloggers...
Lottie / Laura / Kat / Bethan / Cathy / Natalie and of course Xanthe for the inspiration.

How did you do with your wreath?  I am a little obsessed with front doors at the moment!

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