reflecting on a year...

As I sit here with the remnants of our family brunch still on the table, the last one for this year, I am looking back to what this year has been.

Many people choose a word for the coming year, something that will set the year ahead, ways for it to flow, challenges and expectations.  This time last year I didn't do this, now wishing I had.  But if I can give 2013 a word now it would have been ADVENTURE!

As a family we explored so many great places, and were fortunate to be invited to some pretty awesome events too.

Holidaying in wild places.  Fforest in west Wales was a particular highlight.  Meeting Sian, sitting on the porch of her barn discussing life, moving to Wales and living outdoors.  We stayed for a few days, breathed deeply and exhaled massively.

Staying at Manorafon was the first of many cool holidays this year.  Cornwall and Wales became our second homes, journeying down the M4 a normal activity.

Staying in the most stunning Kestle Barton, through Forever Cornwall, with my family was wonderful.  Exploring the Helford River, discovering Kynance Cove, watching the boys fall in love with crabbing as I did at their age.

Gathered around campfires, singing songs, telling stories about the stars.  Breathing lungfuls of smoke and fresh air. The best yurting holiday we've been on EVER was at Kite Hill Yurts. The location, set in the mountains of Wales was jaw dropping, and their hospitality memorable.

Holidays such as these really did fill us up for the rest of the year.  We still look back and think, wow that was a good un!

We cut loose at festivals, Camp Bestival, Just So and the Big Feastival - the latter as guests by Boden (more on my exciting project with them in the New Year!).

So this now brings me to Littlegreenshed, this here blog.  Writing this has changed my/our life.  Offering us opportunities beyond belief.  My writing has led us down many paths, and which I hope will lead onto more.  My design work has helped many others fall in love with blogging, develop their own voice to blog about things they love.

Blogging has led me to make new friends, meet some incredible women.  Friends I hold so dear. (you know who you are).  To go on many blog related day trips, meet inspiring people, and enjoy this wonderful inclusive circle that blogging brings.

2013, in the world of me, LGS and my family has been one long exciting ride... I cannot wait for next year!

Thank you!

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