The Little Match Girl at the Wardrobe Theatre...

The perfect show for children to see at Christmas must have adventure, humour and a generous dusting of magic and sparkle.  The Little Match Girl at The Wardrobe Theatre here in Bristol has just that.  We were all immediately captivated with the charm of the wind blowing, the beautiful set and the special magical touches (I won't go into it all, you simply must see for yourself!).

The Little Match Girl has been modernised by a newly formed company called Dot & Ethel (one of which, Harriet de Winton, is a lovely friend of mine).  The story tells of a young girl who is eager to find what she is missing as she heads out into the cold in search for her Granny. The hostility of the seasonal shoppers, in search for their next bargain, leaves her lost, alone and frightened until she has a brilliant idea of striking a match. With each strike she is taken out of the cold and into another world. 

Dot & Ethel (aka Harriet and Heidi)
Simply and cleverly told, that even the youngest of the audience were left spellbound by the magic.  I loved the set, papercuts into blinds depicting a series of adventures. Viking long boats, walking boots, snow flakes and windmills.  The cast of two were set for an exploration with 'sturdy walking boots with a touch of glam' and Nordic snowflake bobble hats.

The Wardrobe Theatre (undressed)
The Wardrobe Theatre is a sweetest and intimate of venues.  So small that you can reach out and touch the performers as they walk amongst the audience.  Fully engaging with the children with the use of balloons and lights.

So if you are in need of some Christmas magic, you and your little one will LOVE The Little Match Girl.  I came away with a warm glow and slight tear in my eye.  Beautiful!!!

For more information please have a look here.
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The show runs until Sunday 22nd December - be quick!

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