this weekend...

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I am so so glad it is Friday.  I don't know about you, but I am super tired.  Lots of fun, late nights and drinking has left me one pooped gal.  Sadly, there is no rest for the wicked... this weekend we have a lot to squeeze in!  As always with the run up to Christmas, there are things to buy, people to see, stuff to do.

So, this weekend I/we are....

* Chopping down our Christmas tree! YAY! (although the decorating will have to wait til following weekend)
* Going to the school's Christmas Fair
* Taking part in the local Lantern Parade - Charlie's class have all made a beautiful willow and tissue paper lantern each (with a little help from me).
* Making my cake (yeah, still NOT made that yet) - I'm planning on the Nigella one, which doesn't need time to mature.  Good ole Nigella. #teamnigella.  (watch the clip, it will make you Christmasy!).
* Meeting Father Christmas!  I can't wait.  On Sunday morning we are joining a cycle ride, c/o Sustrans, to meet Santa.  More details here.
* Celebrating a family birthday with Dan's side - lots of cake!

I also need to schedule in some 'me' time.  To relax.  A few early nights, and eating better would help.  Toast isn't the best fuel. 

So, whatever you have planned, do have a lovely weekend!