This weekend...

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Whoooo!  It's Friday... yeah.  This week has been long!  Lots of deadlines to meet before Christmas, work, school nativity - it's been FULL ON!  Next week is even busier - eeek!

Tomorrow is Dan's birthday, I do feel a little sorry for him having it right in the middle of the manic Christmas festivities.  I will try my best to make it special for him though.  Make a cake, take him out for dinner.  In the New Year, we are planning something special - just when we need it, to take away the January blues.

Also this weekend I am meeting my lovely bloggy friends for a pre-Christmas shop, chat and lunch.  It's my neck of the woods this year, I've laid on something special which I can't wait to share with you.  Here's what we did last year.

This weekend you will find us/me...

* Decorating the Christmas tree.  (we bought it last weekend, tomorrow it will be made pretty!)
* Rufus is going to a monster party - the incredible hulk is what he's requested - green paint it is then!
* Going to the Theatre to see Little Match Girl - tickets are flying out the door, so book fast!
* Boys are on a sleep over to my parents - yay!
* Dan and I are going here for dinner.
* Sunday, spent with lovely ladies.  Making something special for Christmas.

So that's our weekend.  Hope you don't get too stressed with the Christmas prep.  Enjoy your days!