This weekend...

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So that was the week of stress!  Blimey.  We have had illness, days spent watching Christmas films with Rufus, finishing many freelance work deadlines, re-sealing and grouting the bath into the wee hours  (started leaking into the dining room below, great!), buying last minute gifts, supermarket food run, millions of orders to go out, helping serve the school Christmas dinner, decorating the home, cleaning... and the list goes on.

At one point I was ready to give up.  Throw my hands to the air and shout obscenities, (I did that, a lot).  But, now it's Friday, most of the things I've needed to do have been done.  I have a full fridge, plenty of wine and presents to wrap.  

Nearly there.

It does make me think though - what is the point of it all. Just for a few days.  Really?  But the magic and wonder in my kids faces will make it worth it.  We do it for the kids after all.

So this weekend I / we will be....

* wrapping, and more wrapping
* having a Christmas craft party here for the boys friends.  We are making these and these.
* Friends round for drinks - I will be drinking this
* Dan is having his works Christmas dinner
* icing my cake, it will hopefully look like the one above.  (fingers crossed)
* the boys are off to the Panto with my parents
* a day to potter, have lunch with Dan (and his hangover)
* hoping to make it to see this before Christmas - doubt I'll have time.
* CHILLING, eating and drinking mainly!

I hope you are ready, stress free and happy!
Enjoy your weekend.