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Over the holidays Dan and I were thinking of projects, little things that will occupy us over the coming year.  Good wholesome activities which the four of us can contribute.  A project in which we would learn, develop and grow a new skill.

And so the #52loavesproject was born.  

A loaf a week, made by one of us.  Nothing fancy, just a simple handmade loaf.  We decided to do the mixing and kneading on a Friday evening when we had time to relax, involve the boys after school.  Leaving the dough to proove over night to be baked in the morning.

This past weekend Charlie took the reigns, kneading and shaping his little white cob, loving the process and insisting he didn't need any help.

The loaf itself was a little under cooked and needed more salt - but we were all super pleased with our first loaf of 2014.

This little project will be an instagram / twitter link up.  If you feel like developing your baking skills then please do join us.  Tweet or IG  a picture of your loaf using the hashtag #52loavesproject so we can find you.  

Find us on instagram:

Me - @littlegreenshed
Dan - @tantandaylor

Don't feel you have to commit to 52 weeks of bread making, please feel free to dip in and out when the mood takes you and you have time.

I've also set up the above Pinterest boad - If you'd like to contribute please let me know.

We are already thinking ahead to this weekends loaf .... Rufus' turn.  Can't wait to see how that turns out and what you all come up with.. good luck!

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