This weekend...

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The storm has thankfully passed by us, for now.  I've just watched the news, last nights high tide mixed with strong winds and driving rain has left parts of the UK flooded.  Waves reaching 10ft in Cornwall. I would have loved to have seen that, but not seen the flooding of people's homes - so sad.

It looks like this weekend we are due some more of this weather... I for one will be staying home as much as I can.  Can't do windy wet... 

So this weekend I/we shall be....

* Painting the bathroom - yep renovation is under way, so exciting!
* Take down the tree, packing up decorations, and giving the house a good clean.
* Playing board games - the boys got Game of Life (adventurers) for Christmas, we love it!
* Trying a few recipes from my new cook book
* Celebrating my lovely friends birthday with cocktails
* Finding a home for my new house plant, lets hope I don't kill it
* Reading, reading, reading with the boys
* Sending thank you cards.

A quiet, home based weekend.
Have a great one...