this weekend...

Mother in Laws tongue -
Image via @littlegreenshed instagram
Ah the weekend is here!  It's been one long week.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and thought it was Saturday, yes it's been that long.  phew!  I'm sorry I haven't blogged much this week. I've been busy with a blog design, which has been a long drawn out process, plus I had another cold.. boo!  I shall be back next week, blogging more often hopefully!

This image is of my new plant.  I've always wanted a Mother in laws tongue, it's pretty special.  So once the Christmas tree was down, this lovely little plant took it's place.  It helps the room from feeling so bare.

This weekend is a special one, we are starting birthday celebrations for Charlie.  He turns 8!  8!  Wow, 8 years a mother to this lovely kind soul.  He is really such a wonderful boy, and yes I can say that I am his mother! ;)

So this weekend we are:

* Guitar lessons
* Lunch with family to celebrate his birthday
* Painting the landing
* Tax return - urgh!
* Dan's turn to make a loaf this weekend for the #52loavesproject  (more info on the project here)
* A walk somewhere, hopefully the sun will shine!

Enjoy your weekend!