The sofa - our family island...

Our sofa, much like all families, is our island.  Our place to sit together, to hug, relax and be.  There we tell stories, admit secrets, play lego, recuperate from illnesses, snuggle with popcorn, work, and be still.  The sofa can be a boat sailing on the seven seas, a plane, a hideout from zombies.  A place to rest after a hard day, to watch movies and sleep.

The sofa takes a battering, daily.  Spills are mopped, toast crumbs swept, and cushions plumped.  Our sofa is old.  We got it 5 years ago, a lucky freecycle find.  Originally from Ikea it fits our home, just. (I won't go into the details of half the door frame coming out to fit it into the lounge!).  As much as I love it, I think it's time to upgrade.  To something a little more stylish.  The boys are getting older and hopefully more responsible in their actions (although I do find my cushions chewed and thrown on the floor daily!).

I've been looking around and came across Willow and Hall.   A small British company making beautiful sofas by hand.  I am thinking of getting one of their sofa beds, to encourage friends and relatives to visit more.  I particularly love the Elmley Sofa, the only problem is choosing the fabric.  I veer from grey linen to teal velvet and back again. It's a decision I cannot make!!

 What do you think?  Linen or velvet? Help!

This post was written in association with Willow&Hall

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