The #52loavesproject meets Hobbs House Bakery..

Last Monday, Dan and I quickly deposited our boys to school and whizzed up to Gloucestershire to the home of Bread and Hobbs House Bakery.  Giddy on excitement to be taking the #52loavesproject to Hobbs, meeting our fellow bread devotees and of course learning the secrets of bread making from the master baker, Tom Herbert.

Let's rewind a little.  Back in December Dan and I were looking for a resolution project for 2014.  Something we could get stuck into, learn a good skill and can be done as a family of four.  So the  #52loavesproject was born.

A loaf once a week for the whole year, hoping to learn and improve as we go. Sharing our journey on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag. Over the past few months we have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who are joining us on our bread making journey, last counted over 50 people from all over the world have stepped up to the challenge and started to bake bread. 

And so, Tom Herbert (Fabulous Baker Brothers) got to hear about it.  And through his mate Emma Bradshaw to set to inviting some of the #52loavesproject bakers to Hobbs for a lesson in bread.

So here we were.  From all corners of the UK and Ireland, standing in the cookery school in this wonderful old building in Chipping Sodbury.  Tom, talked us through the pitfalls of what could go wrong with baking.  Being a flour floozy.  The right temperature of the oven.  The yeast, the kneading process.

We learnt how to make a great white loaf, make butter and soda bread.  Tom guiding us all the way.  All the mystery of baking vanished and it soon became clear.  Just knead it, let it rise, make sure the oven is on max and you can't go wrong, right?!

At the end of the day, Dan and I left clutching our freshly baked bread, a cup of 59yr old sour dough starter and brimming with inspiration.

Thank you Tom for such a perfect day.  We loved every minute of it!  Here's to a productive bread making year.  

Our bread making chums were....

Emma / Laura / Emma / Jack & Ruby / Carolyn / Natalie

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