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baby shower

A glorious day here in Bristol, this Saturday.
We had huge plans to go to the Mshed to see in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, then onto our friends Baby Shower.
But no.
Charlie developed the Flu over night.
Poor little man has been up since 5am (as have Dan and I).  He has achy bones, high temp and a hacking cough.
Dan and Rufus have taken this lovely Jane Foster cat  as our gift for the yet to be born baby... I am sure he/she will love to chew it's ears.
(I secretly wish it was staying here with me!).
Charlie and I are snuggled on the sofa, with the log burner blazing, watching Horrible Histories and eating crisps.
Hope we have a more productive day tomorrow.
1. warm fire
2. Cool local shops
3. Loving parents


  1. Oh poor Charlie, proper flu is so rotten, hope he feels better soon. I love the cat, I'm always pleased to have an excuse to buy a bit of Jane Foster loveliness, but it can be hard to let go when it's for someone else, even a new baby! x

  2. Poor Charlie- what a horrid thing to happen :-( make sure you use lots of hand gel etc- don't want you struck down too supermum xx

  3. Oh porr Charlie (and all of you). Get well soon. Enjoy the snuggles xxx

  4. Oh no - the flu. Poor Charlie.
    I hope you have been able to get some rest.
    Now tell me - what it Horrible Histories???

  5. Poor old Charlie - big hugs from us. For a glimpse into the future - Myles (17 tomorrow) is developing a rotten cold and although he doesn't want to snuggle with me on the sofa (the nicest bit) he still needs lots of sympathy & lovely tasty morsels made for him. This mothering thing never ends!

  6. Lou-I hope all better soon. I love the gratefuls- its such a good thing to do. I am contemplating the local WI- good you enjoyed it. Jx

  7. I love that little cat

  8. Thank you for featuring my cat! x


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