first day of auumn...

Yesterday saw the Autumn Equinox.  The first day of Autumn.
And what a glorious day it was too... although I didn't get to see much of it.  Charlie was off school still, with stomach pains and is just very tired...but that's another story.

Yes Autumn...I plan to

* take lots of walks in the woodlands and hedgerows.
* foraging mushrooms, sloes and hazelnuts for the winter (I love to squirrel!)
* make this soup
* Host a 4 year olds party
* Make these for the party, can you guess the theme?
* Celebrate Halloween with friends
* Carve lanterns
* make sloe gin & vodka
* Dig out cosy scarves and mittens
* Write our names in the air with sparklers
* Enter my wild plum jam in the Best of Bedminster Show
* Watch this crazy race

I love autumn... I think it's the time of year I wake up and come alive.
What do you like to do in autumn? Is there a special family tradition you like to do, or something cosy you like to make to eat.
Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!

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