monday morning blues...

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Good morning all.
Have you had a good weekend?
I do hope so.
We have had a testing weekend to be honest.
The boys have the flu.
High temperatures, aches, coughs so hard they can't sleep.
Very grumpy, tetchy and hysterical at times!
Last night I slept on the floor patting Ru's back as he coughed most of the night.
I was worried he was going to choke.. he didn't obviously.
So... as the snow falls outside, we are all snuggled under a duvet watching children's television.
And here we will stay until it's bedtime again!

p.s. the picture had no relevance to the flu, I just thought it looked sunny and happy - and I love a lacy doily, me!
1. Calpol
2. Coffee (again)
3. Understanding boss!

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